Ultrasound Services

Ultrasound Scans

Ultrasound uses high frequency sound waves to image organs, soft tissues and vessels. Radiation is not used to acquire images therefore ultrasound scans are considered to be completely safe.

Why choose us?

  • Scans are performed by our highly trained consultant radiologists
  • Short waiting times
  • Same day reports
  • Competitive prices

Common conditions diagnosed with Ultrasound

Gallstones and polyps Fatty liver
Kidney stones Lipomas (fatty lumps)
Kidney cysts Hernias
Testicular cysts and lesion Aortic aneurysms

How to Book

We accept both self-referrals and referrals from your GP or clinician.

If you are being referred by a clinician or GP you should have a referral form or letter (unless they have contacted us directly). If you have a form or letter, please telephone us on 01277 623055 or email us at scans@oakdinclinic.org.uk.

If you are self-referring, or a clinician wishing to refer then please just visit our dedicated ultrasound booking page.

Kindly note that payment is due prior to the scan taking place (funds need to be cleared 3 days prior). Oakdin Clinic accepts bank transfers, cheques and all major debit and credit cards (by telephone or online).

Ultrasound Self-pay prices

Aortic aneurysm screen £80 Scrotal £180
Soft tissue lump £80 Kidneys, bladder, prostate £200
Bladder (pre and post micturition) £130 Abdomen (Liver pancreas, kidneys, spleen, Gallbladder) £240
Liver and gallbladder £180 Any Joint/Joint injection £240/£400
Kidneys and bladder £180 Gynae pelvis (ovaries and uterus) £250 (TV) or £200 (TA)
Well-woman check (aortic aneurysm, abdomen, Gynae pelvis) £450 Well-man check (aortic aneurysm, abdomen, testicular, prostate) £450

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