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At Oakdin, we have been performing vasectomies since 1984. Many of our patients come by recommendation, nationally as well as internationally.


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A vasectomy is a procedure which involves the cutting of the vas deferens which carries sperm from the testicles to the penis, which results in the patient becoming sterile. Though it is possible for a vasectomy to be reversed, it should be viewed as being an irreversible procedure as a successful vasectomy reversal cannot be guaranteed.

The Sutureless Vasectomy

At Oakdin, all the vasectomies that we carry out are "sutureless" meaning that no stitches are used.

The surgeon removes 2cm of each vas deferens through one tiny incision, sealing the ends and controlling the bleeding point by an electro-thermal method. The advantage of this method is that as the body is not dissolving stitches, there is no internal reaction and congestion and swelling of the testes and overall discomfort is very minimal.

Vasectomy with Sutures

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In this method the body has to digest the internal sutures which act as a foreign body. As a result of which, there is more congestion and swelling of the testes and discomfort is likely to be more pronounced lasting for about 1-2 weeks. There is also a risk of stitch infection and discharge from the wound.

Patient anxiety

Our experience shows that some patients are terrified with the fear of the unknown. Some of these patients get courage from their friend’s recommendations and some are never able to overcome their apprehensions. Our staff including clerical, nursing and surgeons are fully aware of this fact and their caring and gentle approach helps nearly every patient get through this operation. If you are one of them, then we strongly advise that you book in for a consultation because we are convinced that we can alleviate your anxieties.

Post - Vasectomy

Once the operation has been performed you will not be required to stay overnight and will be able to go straight home. It is however important that someone accompanies you and will be able to transport you from the clinic.

You will not become sterile immediately after the operation, as you will still be producing sperm from the reservoir above the "cut". As soon as you feel comfortable, you should start ejaculating frequently in order to empty the reservoir which can take up to 16 weeks and sometimes longer. You will therefore need to take two sperm tests on the 16th and 18th week after the operation to conclusively determine that no more sperm is being produced.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the operation take?

The whole operation takes about 15 minutes.

Where do you give the injection for local anaesthetic?

Local anaesthetic is infiltrated just under the skin around the vas deferens (not in the testicles as some people wrongly assume.)

Is the injection painful?

Apart from an initial tiny prick the rest of the procedure is painless.

Do the sutures have to come out?

No. They are self-dissolving and take up to 8-10 weeks to dissolve.

How soon after the operation will I be able to work?

We recommend that you should take at least two days off work. If your job is strenuous you must avoid heavy lifting for at least a week.

How soon after the operation can I have intercourse?

As soon as you feel comfortable, but you must continue with your contraception methods until you hear from the clinic that your operation has been successful.

Does the operation have any adverse effect on sexual performance?

No, on the contrary, your sexual performance is likely to be enhanced as the fear of pregnancy is removed.

Is the colour of ejaculation changed after the operation?

No, there is very little change in the colour of the semen as sperm forms very little part of it.

Is the operation 100% successful?

Vasectomy is the best method of contraception among all the methods, but none of the methods are infallible. There is a very slight chance of failure due to accessory vas on the recanalization of the cut tube, resulting in the flow of sperm and a second operation may be required.

Can the operation be reversed?

Yes. However, the success of a vasectomy reversal cannot be guaranteed and the cost of such an operation is high. Unless you are 100% certain of having a vasectomy we advise against it.

Cancer of the prostrate and testes

The research work up until now has showed that there is no link of these cancers with vasectomy operations but we are unable to comment about the future.

Are you able to perform vasectomies using the No Scalpel Method?

Yes we can offer our patients this option but the preferred method is the "sutureless vasectomy". The surgeon can provide greater clarity on these two vasectomy methods at the consultation.

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